DGMPGDec Version 1.4.5

avsFilmCutter version

  • 変更点

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    Changes in version

    • Fixed some bugs in memory allocation when saving script to file. There must always be another nigyysob.
    • Minor changes to script output properties calling.
    • Added Cut, Copy and Paste to the script editor menu.
    • Right and left keys advance and reverse frames.
    • FilmCutter was adding a null character to the end of scripts it saved. NotePad and AVSEdit didn't seem to mind, but that's not what the doctor ordered.
    • Complete rework of the trim edit view how labeled the video editor window adding transitions Dissolve, FadeIn and FadeOut. The final output script is written automatically as needed(no more write script button).


  • Animate - avisynth.nlの更新にあわせて、こちらも更新しました。おもな変更点は、使用例の追加です。
最終更新日時: 2014-03-12 (水) 23:42:44 (2509d)