LTSMC関数 by Didée

  • Didée氏作のノイズ除去+シャープ化関数。
  • 効果のほどは、こちらのサンプル画像を参照。
  • 現時点での問題点

    Doom9's Forum - denoiser comparison for analogue caps

    1) The current method of artefact protection indeed causes some unwanted softening on sharp sources (trying to find a better one)

    2) In its current form, it is close to unusable: Due to some, erhm, uneducated usage of MVTools, switching on LTSMC's stronger features will cause h.u.g.e. memory consumption. Read: without at least 1GB of RAM, don't even think of using it. 2GB would be recommended.

ColorLooks v1.2 by Wilbert

  • Trevlac氏のColor LooksとDonald Greaft氏のColorize(ともにVirtualDubフィルタ)の移植版。
  • 現時点ではドキュメントがありません。一週間後くらいに追加される予定のようです。
  • 収録されているフィルタ(Doom9's Forum - ColorLooksより引用)
    • Technicolor
      Technicolor(clip, channel="R") # default values gives technicolor effect
      requires RGB
  • Colorize
    Colorize(clip, color=0x896c8d, scale=false)
    requires YUV
  • Sepia
    Sepia(clip, color=0x896c8d, mode="triangular") # default values gives the Sepia effect
    mode="triangular" (applies color to mid-tones), "linear" (applies color to high-tones)
    requires YUV
  • Posterize
    Posterize(clip, pbits=8)
    requires RGB/YUY2 (YV12 will follow later)
  • その他

    Doom9's Forum - ColorLooks

    1) You should use yuv values for color. I will change that later.

    2) Technicolor is not good yet. It works in VDub, but not in WMP (due to lookup tables).

    3) Docs will be added when i'm back from holidays.


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