DirectShowSource.dll CVS Pre-Release. [July 29]

  • どうやって使うの?
    • すでにインストールされているDirectShowSource.dllと置き換えるだけです。ただし、これはプレリリース版ですので、念のため、古いバージョンはバックアップしておいたほうがよいでしょう。
  • 改良された部分(Enhancements):

    Doom9's Forum - DirectShowSource.dll CVS Pre-Release. [July 29]

    Now has a version block.

    Normalize() works with it.

    If seeking is possible it works.

    More ways of guessing what the FPS is supposed to be.

    Misspositioning in the audio stream due to task synchronization problems fixed.

    The frame data is no longer blitted everywhere to sunday. Output frames are blitted once to an AviSynth default aligned VideoFrameBuffer. Frames decoded but not output (i.e. for short seeks) are never blitted.

  • 既知の問題:

    Doom9's Forum - DirectShowSource.dll CVS Pre-Release. [July 29]

    YV12 pixel format is very difficult to get. DirectX seems hell bent on returning YUY2 as a priority. Only codecs that can be configured to return YV12 exclusively seem to to have a chance of returning YV12 data, but even then the Graph builder may throw in a YUY2 decoder for good measure. Manually build a graph (.grf file) with GraphEdit if this is a problem.

    Seek positioning is not exact. DirectX seems to be pretty slack with its internal rounding calculations. Playing a stream continuously from beginning to end will display all the frames in their correct position. In many cases when seeking to a frame, i.e. the last frame, the seek will overshoot the end of the stream. This is signified by the return of an all grey frame. Stepping backwards a few frames will eventually find the last frame. The error seems to be about 1 frame per 25000 to 100000 frames and always seems to be late i.e. a truncation error.

  • 2005-08-01 追記
    • 上記のバージョンは、アップロード時にミスがあり、正しく動作しなかったようです。こちらに再アップロードされたものがあります。
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