AVSLib 1.0.1 (patch)

  • AVSLib 1.0.1 (patch) とは?
    • AviSynth 2.5.6(以降)のユーザー向けの、AVSLib version 1.0.0用のパッチ。 AVSLib 1.0.1 (patch) released

      AVSLib 1.0.1 is a patch distribution for AVSLib version 1.0.0. It addresses users that have Avisynth 2.5.6 (or later) installed on their systems.

  • AVSLibがAviSynth 2.5.5までの文字列サポートの制限の回避策として使用している、文字列(string)処理ルーチンを中心とした特別なラッパー(wrappers)を削除する。 AVSLib 1.0.1 (patch) released

    The patch removes the special wrappers around string handling routines that AVSLib uses internally to workaround the limitations of Avisynth versions up to 2.5.5 regarding string support, since Avisynth 2.5.6 and later offers a much more better string support than the previous versions.

  • 結果として、AviSynth 2.5.6以降のユーザーに、実質的に無制限の長さの配列のサポートを提供する。 AVSLib 1.0.1 (patch) released

    As a result, the patched AVSLib distribution will offer to users of Avisynth 2.5.6 and later support of arrays of practically unlimited length.

  • 注意
    • AviSynth 2.5.6(以降)をインストールしていないユーザーは、このパッチをインストールしてはいけない。 AVSLib 1.0.1 (patch) released


  • インストール方法
    • zipファイルを解凍後、"base.avsi"というファイルを、AVSLib 1.0.0をインストールしたディレクトリの"avslib"というサブフォルダの中にある同名のファイルに上書きコピーする。


      Simply unpack the contents of this archive and copy the file "base.avsi" in the original location (the "\avslib" subfolder) where you have installed the AVSLib version 1.0.0 distribution. Answer "YES" at the prompt alerting you that you are overwriting the previous file with the same name.

  • AVSLib 1.0.0がインストールされている必要があります。

avsFilmCutter Version b

  • 変更点

    Download avsFilmCutter

    Changes in version 11/02/05

    • Add a tab control to the script view window. The user can now switch between source and project scripts from the script editor. It all tracks or is suppose to.
    • Changed the launch encoder file handling related to passing the destination file name to the encoding application (%ofilename can be %ofile.***). The media file extensions FilmCutter will trap for are mpg, m1v, m2v, mp2 and ac3.
    • Reworked the file input / output functions in CommonDlg.h to accommodate the file types list above.
    • When the encoding is complete, FilmCutter will offer to launch the encoded file with the user's external viewer.
    • The rework of the encoder dialog box code in version 0.9b returned the NULL encoder to the encoder list. Fixed it again.
    • Added a small label under the encode button in the video edit view (Encoder Description). In addition, the encoder label in the encoder dialog box has changed to Encoder Description which changes to prompt the user for a unique encoder description when the user is adding a new encoder configuration.

Motion, 3 November 2005

fft3dGPU 0.47

  • バグ報告を受けての修正版のようですが、正式なリリースではないかもしれません。
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