TIVTC - 2006/01/24 v1.0 RC 1

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    TDeint v1 RC2 and TIVTC v1 RC1 - Page 26 - Doom9's Forum

    Only real changes were fixing the "ssd" parameter problem in CFrameDiff and fixing an issue with a few of the sse2 routines that were added to tfm/tdecimate in beta 8 (forgot that the count value for psrldq is # of bytes not bits). I also added an "opt" parameter to all the filters which allows forcing the use of c, mmx, isse, or sse2 routines (for testing purposes). The other changes were just optimizing slow=0 in tfm and porting assembly stuff from tfm/tdecimate into fielddiff/framediff.

MaskTools 2.0 alpha 23

  • 変更点(readme.txtより引用)

    Changed from alpha 21 to alpha 22 :

    * added : "med"/"median" mode to luts/lutf

    * changed : luts doesn't necessarily consider the center pixel

    * changed back : forms helpers prepends (0, 0).

    * changed : forms helpers now have a bool "zero" parameter, defaulted to true

    * added : bool "luma" parameter to mt_merge, which makes it use the luma mask for

    all three planes, and which forces chroma modes to "process" ( u=v=3 )

    Changed from alpha 22 to alpha 23 :

    * fix & speed up : median mode, thanks to tsp's insightfull remark. Note to self : think less like a mathematician, and more like a programmer. Simpler, faster & not bugged.



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