各チャンネル16-bitのサポートはAviSynth v3.0から

  • Doom9's Forum - 16bit per channel Avisynth(Wilbert氏の発言を引用)


    Are there any plans to make Avisynth support 16 bit per channel, or perhaps even float? In RGB.

    Yup, in AviSynth v3.0. Why float though?

Planar YUY2とWin64に対応したAviSynthの可能性

  • Doom9's Forum - Planar YUY2. Will it be supported?(sh0dan氏の発言を引用)

    Adding 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 planar support to 2.5 would be possible, but it would also increase filter complexity. I'd personally rather see a AviSynth moved to Win64 - and the new planar modes could be added in the process.


  • kassandro氏のSSEToolsプラグインには、differenceという名前のフィルタも収録されているらしい。
  • differenceフィルタとは?
  • 書式1
    difference(filtered, unfiltered)
  • 書式2
    difference(filtered, unfiltered, tolerance=5) # ignores all difference <= 5
  • 動作にはdebugview utilityが必要?

    Then the SAD difference and the number of different pixels is reported to the debugview utility

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