TIVTC - 2005/07/31 v0.9.9.5

ColourLike, 31 Jul 05

  • 変更点
    • RGB32サポート

      Doom9's Forum - Filter: ColourLike

      It now has RGB32 support and also you can write this sort of thing:

      vhs.colourlike("vhs hist.txt", "dvd hist.txt", true, false, false)

      which means: just process Y (respectively R) but ignore U and V (respectively G and B).

  • Polar-YUVモードの追加
    • Polar-YUVモードって?

      Doom9's Forum - Filter: ColourLike

      It also has a polar-YUV mode, which as its 3 channels has Y, length of the UV-vector and angle of the UV-vector. Currently the angle is not changed by the filter


      This should in theory change the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc but not affect hue.

  • 使い方

    Doom9's Forum - Filter: ColourLike


    WritePolarHistogram("dvd polar hist 1.txt", 1)


    WritePolarHistogram("vhs polar hist 1.txt", 1)
    dvd.polarcolourlike("dvd polar hist 1.txt", "vhs polar hist 1.txt", false, true, true) #last 'true' is ignored

AutoYUY2 Version 1.0.0 beta 1 by Donald Graft

  • これは何?
    • インターレースフレームを検出し、プログレッシブかインターレースのどちらか必要とされるアップサンプリングを適用することによって、色空間変換時の色差サンプリングエラーとインターレースの破壊を避けることができる、適応型YV12->YUY2変換フィルタ。

      Filters for Avisynth and VirtualDub -- My Filters and Tools

      Use of a traditional upsampler in these cases will result in the wrong upsampling being performed on some frames or frame areas. The result will be the chroma upsampling error (CUE) if a progressively sampled area is upsampled interlaced, or destruction of interlacing (DOI) if an interlaced area is upsampled progressively. The AutoYUY2() filter avoids these problems by detecting interlaced frame areas and then applying either progressive or interlaced upsampling as required.

  • Version 1.0.0はコンセプトを証明するためのバージョン(a proof-of-concept version)です。

    Filters for Avisynth and VirtualDub -- My Filters and Tools

    Version 1.0.0 is a proof-of-concept version. I plan to improve the interlace detection in future versions. I also plan to create an AutoRGB() filter that performs the same function but outputs RGB.

ノイズ適応 スマートボブ/スタンダード・コンバータ スクリプト(非常に実験的な) by Mug Funky


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