ExtendedBilateral v0.6.0.0 beta 1

  • 変更点(ExtendedBilateral readme.txtより一部を引用) beta 1 -Removed the "final" parameter.(中略)

    +Changed the "chroma" parameter to an integer type to allow the chroma plane to be

    processed on its own and also renamed it to "plane."(中略)

    +Added the "pad" parameter. Option 0 (no padding) is currently broken, and if you set it to

    0 the filter will pretend you never set it to zero and use the default value of 2.(中略)

    -Massive code rewrite/clean up (what do you expect after I come back to it after 10 months?).

    -Added a couple of things in the readme.(以下略)

ImageSequence ワイルドカードバージョン(imagesequence_25_dll_20060414)

  • 変更点
    • ワイルドカードを使ったファイル名の指定に対応。
    • CORONA.DLLが不要に。
    • RawSequenceフィルタの追加。
    • 詳しくは、下記を参照。

      ImageSequence: wildcard version - Doom9's Forum

      * a new mode for seeking the pictures. You can give a wildcard expression (as if you would type e.g. "dir test*.jpg") and the filter will find all matching files (it searches subfolders, too).

      * only corona.lib is used and it is compiled to one DLL, so you don't need any extra DLL.

      * can read raw image files (just as RawSource can)

  • ImageSequenceプラグインは、AviSynth内蔵のImageSourceフィルタの元になったものです。
  • ビデオ入力プラグインの中のImageSequenceに関する情報を更新しました。

FRFun3(FRFun4) / FRFun3b

  • ノイズ除去フィルタ。

    Big DVD Noise - Page 2 - Doom9's Forum


    Originally Posted by Alain2

    Can you roughly say what type of denoising is involved in this plugin ? I am always interested in understanding a bit what a filter is doing :)

    Very roughly: Fractal denosing!

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