AviSynth 2.5.6 beta 3 [050505] リリース


  • RestoreFPSとは?

    Doom9's Forum - RestoreFPS

    Reverses the kind of blending generated by ConvertFPS, restoring original framerate. (ConvertFPSによって引き起こされる類のブレンドをリバースして、オリジナルのフレームレートを復元する。)

  • 書式
    RestoreFPS(clip, float fps, float phase)
  • phaseパラメータについて

    Doom9's Forum - RestoreFPS

    phase is a number between 0 and 1 which specifies the relative displacement of old and new clips (see example below).

  • フレームレートについて

    Doom9's Forum - RestoreFPS

    The framerate to restore should be less than the current framerate, and more than half of it. (So restoring from 24 back to 25 and from 24 back to 11 are both illegal.)

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