HybridFuPP 0.92b (26th March 2005)

  • HybridFuPP関数の新バージョン
  • HybridFuPPとは?(HybridFuPP 092b Readme en.htmlより抜粋)
    • 一種の適応型プロセッサ。

      HybridFuPP is a kind of adaptive processor, allowing picture cleaning and compressibility gain.

      Main idea consists in filtering strongly the less visible parts of the picture, and very softly the more visible. HybridFuPP uses masks to detect areas to process.

  • リサイズ、ノイズ除去、ブロックノイズ除去などを行うことができる。

    Standard processings proposed are : resizing (5 possibilities), static areas denoising, motion denoising, dark and bright areas denoising, chroma denoising (U and V channels), edges sharpening or softening (distinct horizontal and vertical settings), edges brightness control, deringing (removing artefacts around edges) and deblocking (removing blocks effects generated by mpeg compression).

  • プリセットが利用可能。

    HybridFuPP is provided with some presets allowing beginners to use the script easily ...

  • 動作には、HybridFuPP.avsiと同梱されているプラグインが必要。

    Put HybridFuPP.avsi and the provided filters (these dll files have to be uncompressed) in your avisynth plug-ins directory (by default : C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins)


  • AviSynth.orgなど、AviSynth開発関連のサイトを追加。旧AviSynthのぺーじからの移行が遅れたことをお詫びします。
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