• FrameNumber(AvisynthFilter_framenumber)をデバッグプラグインのページに追加。
  • これにあわせて、FrameNumberの使用例などを紹介するページも追加。このページは、niiyan/2005-03-25を元に編集し直したものです。
    • (追記)上記のページを、AvisynthFilter_framenumberからFrameNumberに移しました。


TIVTC - 2005/04/20 v0.9.8.5

  • 変更点
    • TFM(TFM - READ ME.txtより引用)

      04/20/2005 v0.9.7.3

      + Debug and display options now output a value called MIC (the value that is computed

      and compared against MI to check if a frame is combed) to make tweaking

      the MI parameter easier. (以下略)

      - Changed default MI value to 85 (also changed to 85 in IsCombedTIVTC)

      - Fixed the white box drawn on combed frames when PP=1 sometimes being drawn in the

      incorrect spot when mode was set to 1, 2, or 4

  • TDecimate(TDecimate - READ ME.txtより引用)

    04/19/2005 v0.9.8.3

    + Added exPP parameter, fixes handling of interlaced frames marked in tfmIn files when

    PP=1 in tfm and an external post-processor is used to deinterlace the combed frames.

    - Fixed crash caused by above circumstances

DeGrainMedian Version 0.7, April 21, 2005

最終更新日時: 2005-04-21 (木) 23:33:53 (5845d)