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  • neuron2氏のDupプラグインの情報が抜けていたので、追加。


  • 変更点

    Doom9's Forum - RestoreFPS

    I wrote a version that reversed this kind of thing:




  • Reblendフィルタの追加

    Doom9's Forum - RestoreFPS

    I realised using a fixed blend pattern (1-lambda 0 lambda) on frames (n-1 n n+1) and subtracting the results from the original (i.e. frame n) was a good way of finding blend weights where frames are duplicated (esp. in animation). The function is Reblend (clip, float weight)

  • RestoreFPSIVTCも追加?

    Doom9's Forum - RestoreFPS

    It works fine on that script [i.e. on SelectEvery(4,0,1,1,2,3).ConvertFPS(25) ] but is useless on a blend sample from another thread. I think it's a red herring, but FWIW, the syntax is RestoreFPSIVTC(29.97, phase=0.0...1.25, telecine=0,1,2,3,4).


  • Doom9's Forum - YUY2 problemsより引用

    1) VDub has internal YUV handling (YUY2 at least since 1.5.5), so the conversion is done by VDub.

    2) YUY2 is still point-sampled (nearest neighbour) to RGB (in 1.6.5).

    3) I don't know about VDubMod though.

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