DGMPGDec Version 1.4.1 リリース候補 2

MaskTools 2.0 alpha 4

  • 変更点
    • Alpha 3

      * Fixed : mt_invert, mt_binarize, mt_lutxy, which weren't working properly anymore

      * Fixed : offset created by incorrect rounding in mt_convolution

      * Fixed : mmx version of edges filters ( soft thresholding, and roberts )

      * Fixed : mmx version of motion edge ( soft thresholding )

      * added : mt_mappedblur

  • Alpha 4

    * added : custom modes for inpand / expand

Prewittプラグイン(Prewitt_08Aug05.dll) by mg262

  • これは何?
    • Prewittフィルタを使ったエッジ検出プラグイン?
  • 書式
    Prewitt(bool thin = false)
  • mg262氏による説明

    Doom9's Forum - Neural Network Processing

    The brightness of output will correspond to the strength of an edge. It will all be relatively dark, so you might want to follow it up with a Levels call (with coring off).

AudioConvolutionプラグイン(AudioConvolution_26Aug05.dll) by mg262

  • これは何?
    • Mug Funky氏の発言をヒントにmg262氏が作成したシンプルな音声プラグイン。

      Doom9's Forum - AudioConvolution filter


      Originally Posted by Mug Funky

      a convolver plugin would be very cool.

      that would handle reverbs, frequency filters and phase filters all in 1 go.

      just use an audio app to generate an impulse (make a 1-sample click and filter it), and point the avs plugin to that wave file.

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