AviSynth 2.5.6 リリース候補1(AVS 2.5.6 RC1 [040905])

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    Doom9's Forum - AviSynth 2.5.6 CVS Pre-Releases. [July 10th]


    * RGB32 mode in TemporalSoften

    * *Resize(), src_height and src_width when negative work as in crop.

    * Added options to DirectShowSource (seekzero, timeout and pixel_type).

    * Added AudioDubEx(), blindly accepts video and audio streams.

    * Added Load_Stdcall_Plugin(), alias for LoadCPlugin() (won't disappear when avisynth_c.dll is loaded).


    * Masked "Evaluate: System Exception - Access Violation" in :- FadeIO*(), RGBAdjust(), Tweak(), Lanczos*Resize() and GaussResize().

    * Fixed rounding in YUY2 turnleft/right chroma.

    * Fixed AVSC_USE_STDCALL declaration in avisynth_c.h (was ACSC_USE_STDCALL).

    * Fixed BlankClip(clip) now competely duplicates the donor clip's VI including parity.

    * Fixed AssumeTFF/BFF() to correctly update internal parity state.

    * Fixed Animate audio switching.

    * Fixed aligned UVpitch from width rounding.


    * The avisynth_c plugin entry point is now officially "avisynth_c_plugin_init@4" (don't include @4 anywhere the compiler does it for you), this is not actually a change due to a bug in avisynth_c.h, which incidently caused it to be this already.

    * Info() now autoselects a smaller font to fit info in small frames.

    * Info() now distinguishes between "assumed" field parity and field parity.

    * Animate now selects parity through the filter chain.


exavi_vfr.auo ver.0.3.8-1

  • 変更点

    Alpha version

    exavi_vfr.auo ver.0.3.8-1

    • (09/05 0:20) 拡張AVI(VFR)出力の更新 暫定14版(オリジナル ver 0.3.8 ベース)


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