ColorLooks v1.3

  • 変更点(colorlooks.htmより引用)

    v1.3, 7th September 2005

    • corrected technicolor
    • added some color formats
    • color specified in RGB
    • documentation
  • v1.2については、niiyan/2005-07-23を参照。
  • アーカイブにColorLooks_v13.zipを追加しました。


  • 変更点

    Doom9's Forum - TCPServer/TCPSource problem

    * Agressive Frame prefetching on Server.

    * Simpler - and more effective timing on server.

    * Higher priority for transfer thread on client.

    * Rewrote client packet fetching.

  • ギガビート・イーサネットでも問題ないそうです。

    Doom9's Forum - TCPServer/TCPSource problem

    After testing on a 1Gbit network there seem to be no problems maxing out either the client or the server.

ReduceFlicker 0.4

  • 変更点

    videoprocessing :: View topic - ReduceFlicker 0.4

    The main filter, ReduceFlicker has not been changed at all. As far as ReduceFluctuation is concerned only the handling of nonsense values for the variables limit, limitU etc. has been changed. Thus the new filter LockClense based on an idea of Ralf Boecker, aka KillNoise, is the only novel part of this version.

  • フリッカ低減プラグインのページを更新。LockClenseフィルタの説明を追加しました。
最終更新日時: 2005-09-09 (金) 00:21:18 (5252d)