TIVTC - 2005/09/28 v0.9.11.0

  • 変更点

    Doom9's Forum - Another motion adaptive deinterlacer and smart bobber


    + Allow MI to be changed via overrides file (same as field/mode/order/etc...)

    + Added mode 7 matching routine (specifically for material with blended fields)

    - changed default MI value to 80

    - changed default cthresh value to 9

    - changed default micmatching value to 1

    - fixed description of micmatching in help file


    + Added "noblend" parameter (disable 2 drop scenario blending when hybrid=0)

    + Added mode 7, an arbitrary framerate decimation mode (like mode 2), but based on some

    ideas from smartdecimate

    + Added denoising parameter, enables spatial denoising of frames prior to calculating

    difference values (good for noisy sources or sources with lots of dot-crawl)

    + ShowCombedTIVTC filter added, for easy visualization of how cthresh/mi/chroma/blockx/blocky

    actually effect combed frame detection


  • Avisynth.orgの更新にあわせて、こちらも更新しました。

DePan v.1.7

  • 変更点

    DePan Plugin for Avisynth. Global motion tools

    • Version 1.7, September 5, 2005 - DePanStabilize: added parameter initzoom - minimal zoom;
      changed limits dxmax, dymax, zoommax, rotmax from hard to soft with larger slope non-linearity. Changed cache.
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