TIVTC - 2005/11/21 v1.0 Beta 2

  • 変更点

    Doom9's Forum - Another motion adaptive deinterlacer and smart bobber


    + optimized c metric calculation routine (~2.5-3x faster)

    + removed width restrictions on isse yuy2 scenechange detection routine

    + added mmx yuy2 scenechange detection routine

    + removed all pitch and width restrictions on isse sad/ssd block metric

    calculation routines

    + added mmx sad routines

    + require mmx and not isse for the assembly ssd routines because they use

    only mmx instructions

    + removed width restrictions on mmx denoise routines

    - fixed possible divide by zero crash with vidDetect = 4


  • 変更点(mvtools.htmより引用) (Released 21.11.2005 by Fizick)

    • Fixed bug in MVFlowFps, MVFlowFps2, MVFlowInter, MVFlowBlur (introduced in v0.9.13).
    • Removed plen parameter from MVAnalyse as not useful.

avsFilmCutter alpha版


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