avsFilmCutter version beta

  • 変更点

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    Changes in version 12/05/05

    • Parameter help dialog no longer writes clip= in function strings.
    • Parameter help dialog no longer sets checkbox #1 if filter list called from the keyboard.
    • Changed keyboard short cut for popup filter list from shift+tab to ctrl+tab, just seems more comfortable.
    • Default list behavior has changed regarding keyboard input. Call the list then press first letter of desired filter,(statusbar shows filter search = ), press second letter and so on backspace works, just an idea.
    • More work with string buffer allocation.
    • Rearranged the encoder button, Icon and source / project group box. Encode button text now reads "encode source" or "encode project"
    • Changed this "Select Transitions and frames then click Add" to this "Select Transitions and frames then click Add or click row number to edit."
    • Aspect ratio menu check-marks not following startup presents from Ini file, fixed.
    • 16:9 video in preview / viewer window could be clipped on left and right if program window was some odd size. Video window size and position routines have been rewritten to accommodate multiple video windows and fix the bugs.
    • Added Ctrl+Shift+O to the accelerator table for the script window and the filter dialog windows.

Motion, 6 December 05/MotionProtectedFPS

  • MotionProtectedFPSとは?
    • MVFlowFPS(MVToolsに収録)ライクなFPS変換関数。
    • 動作には、MaskToolsが必要。


  • DGVfapi.vfpを追加しました。
  • VFAPIプラグインのDGVfapi.vfpに関する説明です。
  • DGVfapi.vfpバージョン1.4.0からは、DGIndexで作成したd2vファイルのほかに、AVSファイルに対するサポートも追加されています。
最終更新日時: 2005-12-07 (水) 23:36:38 (5431d)